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Aquabike Projct

Aquabike Project 2012

Latest Progress

After twelve months of work on the various systems we finally have the completed Aquabike, ready for its swimming pool trail.  The pool was hired for one hour last Saturday, Jan 20th. The trial exhibited a blend of failures and successes.

In 2012 a bunch of small town church enthusiasts have sought to build the best and most efficient aquabike possible - within the skill set available.

Towards the end of 2011 I stumbled across a You Tube video of a bike that rode on water – well actually a hydrofoil with 2 metre blades below the surface. Gathering a group of enthusiastic problem solvers and builders of things a group of local lads set to – to replicate this fascinating device that we have chosen to call ” The Aqua-bike”.

Some clips of the team at work, and our project so far. We have basically reverse engineered our German friends commendable effort.

By good fortune one of our members, Mark R, managed to located a "Specialised" carbon fibre bike frame that we could have for a few dollars. Problem: it had been cut in two with a bandsaw.

With a little bit onf ingenuity we repaired the frame and it now forms the basis for our high performance project for 2012.

Follow as we continue with the project,

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