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Sat, 18 Feb 2012
Issues: Cost of building a Cricri

I often get asked what it costs to build a Cricri. If you don't keep an accurate record it is very difficult to recall over the years that the project takes. It is very spread out. Best not to be to limited with funds. Big items are the canopy, fuel tank, engines and instrument panel. The Dynon 10A is $2400 US for example. Engines are $3000 US each. Trailer is another cost. All aeroplanes cost lots - except perhaps models. If your budget is that short - stick to models.
Posted 21:18


Hi Wayne Great to see your website. Been flying for five years and am enjoying aerobatics but am concerned with only doing aerobatics in a 'doggy' old C150 where most of the horses have bolted! It's the only aircraft here in Nelson that will go upside down :( I noticed that LBW is for sale. Oooooh. Interested in how much it costs a year to own in New Zealand? Looking forward to meeting you one day probably at an airshow. Haven't been up your way for ages. Cheers Julian
Posted by Julian

Very helpful to me.
I am building a Cri Cri also. At this stage I am about to finish the Stabilizer/fin/rudder group and am preparing to machine the wing spars. Note your comments re lathe, I have a decent sized unit plus a similar sized mill with precision dig. readouts. This has made things much less problematic. Particularly interested in the wiring photo, and I am also going to add a hatch in fwd fues. Also adding an 18 liter seat back fuel tank for extended range. OZ is a bit big. Thanks for the site details Regards Richard Leech

south korea
Dear cricri owner. i'am homebuilder live in south korea. i just finished building cricri now. (cafe.daum.net/CRICRI) i have some question about flap and elevater interference. if i active flap..elevater down angle is decrease about 40%. Elevater's Up angle is ok But if i use full flap, down angle is decreased. Is it normal situation? Wait for big senior's reply hanss
Posted by hanss

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