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Sun, 10 Apr 2011
Beyond flight testing - refining & modifying

Since first flight 2 1/2 yrs ago I have made numerous modifications but still have occasional setbacks. I am now ready to let other competent pilots fly my aircraft, after appropriate briefing. Are you interested?
Posted 01:35


Hi! i find these cri-cri`s very interesting...do yo want to sell it now? at what price? I`m a 2000hrs ppl-a pilot with comercial licence considering to get a flying toy in my garage;) Hope you`ll respond! Sincerely Tommy
Posted by Tommy

Good to see you're still enjoying it!
Hi Wayne, Nice to see CRI is still going well. I didn't force you to replace the smiley rivets you know, merely suggested it :) I must check and see what happened to the canopy mold. It took a lot of time and effrort to get that thing working properly!

CriCri Floats?
Hi there, I am Dave another modifier of things... my last is my motorcycle, a suzuki (thus the email name) I turbo-fied my 2002 Suzuki Hayabusa and am a bit of the same adrenalin junkie that you are. I am hoping to one day modify it much further and bring it to the salt flats, however that is another story... I have been really interested in the Cricri since the first time I saw it on you tube. My Question to you however is: do you think it possible to make one that takes off and lands on water? If so let me know your thoughts. Warmest regards, and Bravo on your fantastic plane! David Gamble Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Posted by David

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