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Thu, 23 Sep 2010
Flying the cricri

The building of the project is now complete and this Web site has served its purpose. If you are interested in the flight characteristics of the Cricri and the adventures during the testing phase - write a comment. W
Posted 01:33


Great stuff !
I just wanted to thank you for a great site. I`m a massive fan of the CC but will never fly it as i`m 6,4 at 95 Kgs ! I would like to add 20% to the plans and power mine with some ZDZ 420 engines but for now, its just a dream. Thanks again.
Posted by Garth

Flying can only be a passion
After reading your details I've finally discovered what I am; aneccentric. I love flying, believe in and worship God, have built a lot of stuff, most of it practical boring and necessary. And now that I retired, a little early, I went to Mongolia to help spread the Gospel and have come to the conclusion that flying and building light aircraft can be a blessing to many. I am impressed with the Cri Cri and hope in some manner or other to obtain, build or beg one because Mongolia is THE free runway of the world, and the scenery is stupendous

hi wayne ! Excellent work; you are very giniyas...thank's
Posted by And's

What a nice CriCri~!
What a nice CriCri~! thanks for good infomation...i will try to build it A.S.A.P Happy new year~!

Well done!
Hi Wayne, Came across your website after reading an article about the Cri-Cri in AOPA. I'm 5 years into building a modified Pitts and I must say the Cri-Cri looks even more complicated and technical to build! Your website and obvious craftsmanship are examples to all builders what can be accomplished with skill and determination.
Posted by Wayne

How Wonderful Life You Have
I saw your site via shttp://cafe.daum.net/hummelbird/109U/94 Flying by my self is my dream through out my life. But Still don't know when this dream come true. I am 61 years old and have 3 son and 2 daughters. still working hard for family. You have so wonderful life. and give us hope. Thanks for your good site and story.

Thanks for the great site!
Hi Wayne, Thanks for the great site and keeping it up for all Cri Cri builders alike to see and reference! I, myself am starting to build one here soon. I am gathering all tooling and such first then going to build one part at a time, tail feathers first. I am going to try and use your idea of the alternator on my ZDZ 210's that im going to use. again thanks for your webpage!
Posted by Jon Miller

It seems that ,whoever designed this aircraft does not want anyone to be able to view building procedures or the plan,s. I am of the impression that, it is imposable to find out any info what so ever. Anny leads to this topic seems to go around in circles, starts no place and ends up ware you just started off. Are there any plans for this aircraft at all and where could I posably get them thanks for now garry.
Posted by garryneigel

Its great!
Ammazing. Awesome. And thanks for detailed story. Youre tough guy!
Posted by Serg

help me
Really have an very beautiful I wish you progress always my friend since I saw your project thought to work one similar to it have made ​​the outer shell and suites, all is virtually nothing I'm missing only the engine is not found here drive this kind in my country only small generators which are not given the necessary power to push I hope God to help me to find the engine or how I can buy from any country so I want you to help me
Posted by osman

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